Spira is teaming up with Les Films du 3 Mars to share a portion of its catalogue!

The SPIRA COLLECTION consists of 8 films, all available with English subtitles. It is available to our subscribers and as a rental option. It is possible to rent each of its films individually or as a whole, in a bundle.

Featured films:

- Imaginary Tales (Jean-Marc E.Roy, 2018, 71min)

- Bras de fer (Jean-Laurence et Jonathan Seaborn, 2017, 77 min)

- Exil au Far West (Sophie Fortier, 2017, 59 min)

- Living Vocalities ( David B. Ricard, 2018, 80 min)

- They think I'm a Chinese ! (Nicole Giguere, 2011, 52 min)

- Éléonore (Martin Rodolphe Villeneuve, 2018, 31 min)

- Letters to the Prime minister (Andres Livov, 2016, 20 min 50)

- Iris (Gabrielle Demers, 2017, 10 min)
All of these films are available with english subtitles.

For more information about SPIRA, please go on https://www.spira.quebec/en/

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  • EXIL AU FAR WEST (EN) by Sophie Fortier - SPIRA

    Canada, Iqaluit…
    They arrive on an island of rock, close to the arctic circle, with the desire to start over. The Great North is supposed to be a place where their lives can lay fallow. The hope is to eventually leave and begin anew. Instead, they cannot leave. They never leave.
    Regardless of whe...


  • THEY THINK I'M CHINESE (EN) by Nicole Giguère - SPIRA

    Thousands of girls who were in the first wave of Chinese children to be adopted in Québec in the 1990s have reached adolescence. The filmmaker focused her lens on five of them and accompanied them throughout their emotionally charged transition to adulthood. In their quest for identity, how do th...

  • LIVING VOCALITIES (EN) by David B. Ricard - SPIRA

    While filming his native land, David B. Ricard is entrusted with the task of documenting the creating process of a show of poetry and music across the Canadian Francophonie. This project gives him the opportunity to question the relationship to rooting (land, language), adaptation (poetry, territ...

  • IMAGINARY TALES (EN) de Jean-Marc E. Roy - SPIRA

    Des histoires inventées (Imaginary Tales) is a documentary feature best described as the portrait of an author about and with André Forcier. It is the story of an exceptional and undeniable filmmaker in our national cinema’s landscape and a pillar at the heart of its identity. It is a chance to r...

  • ELEONORE (EN) by Martin Rodolphe Villeneuve - SPIRA


    Montreal author Marie-Célie Agnant collects stories, dreams and demands from Parc-Extension neighbours, in order to write a letter to their deputy, Justin Trudeau, now the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada.

  • IRIS (EN) by Gabrielle Demers - SPIRA

    Emanuelle is training on her stationary bike but she can't get her mind off the image of Laura. The more she pedals, the more her memories turn to desire.

  • BRAS DE FER (EN) by Jean-Laurence et Jonathan Seaborn - SPIRA

    On October 26, 2012, a red dust covers the neighborhood of Limoilou, in Quebec City, where Véronique Lalande and her husband Louis Duchesne live with their one-year-old boy. Iron oxide, nickel, zinc, arsenic and other heavy metals fall on the district close to the Port of Quebec, where the multin...