THE SOWER a film by Julie Perron

THE SOWER a film by Julie Perron

77 minutes
Original language : French/English
Production : Julie Perron

In Quebec’s Kamouraska Valley, Patrice Fortier is putting down roots at his seed company, La Société des plantes. Like a copyist in the Middle Ages, he is meticulously preserving rare and forgotten cultivars with the goal of breeding the “heirlooms of the future.” As Patrice gardens, he daydreams and transforms his harvests into art projects. The seasons come and go, his patience and care express his passion and knowledge, and his seed bank grows. His tiny storehouses of life will eventually sprout in thousands of vegetable gardens around the world. At the centre of this paean to plant biodiversity and agricultural heritage is a unique, genetically motivated seed producer. Watch: the impossible is underway.

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THE SOWER a film by Julie Perron

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  • LE SEMEUR (THE SOWER), by Julie Perron

    Documentary | 77 minutes | 2013 | Canada

    A portrait of artist and seed producer Patrice Fortier, who dedicates his passion and expertise to preserving plant biodiversity.

    He likes beets, especially hardy varieties that can stand up to a strong wind. He admires independence in a plant. He looks ...