CURSED BE THE DAY a film by Emmet Walsh

CURSED BE THE DAY a film by Emmet Walsh

68 minutes
Original language : French/English
Québec, Canada 2011
Production : Emmet Walsh

In a timeless world, Raoul enters the city, goes to a cinema and meets Rosa. Together they decide to make a movie. But Bob Daniels, a powerful industrialist, has taken control of the city and is keen on protecting his interests. The Japanese arrive and rearm, the revolutionaries act and videomaniacs are deployed by Daniels to keep people under surveillance. From the city to the countryside, encounter after encounter, the couple will be subjected to monumental decisions that will determine the fate of their relationship and the future of cinema.

Many references both literal and indirect abound with the use of stylistic anecdotes, historical references, and contemporary issues. Cursed be the day plays with the spectator’s expectations and pre-conceived ideas. Through its absurdity and simplicity the message is the medium.

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CURSED BE THE DAY a film by Emmet Walsh

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    68 min, Fiction, Canada, 2011
    Producteur : Emmet Walsh
    Langues: Anglais, s.t. français | In English with French subtitles

    Dans un monde atemporel, Raoul débarque en ville, entre dans un cinéma et rencontre Rosa. Ensemble, ils décident de faire un film. Mais Bob Daniels, puissant industriel ...