MY MUSLIM SISTERS a film by Francine Pelletier

MY MUSLIM SISTERS a film by Francine Pelletier

68 min
Language : French
Quebec, Canada, 2009
Production : Ian Boyd

Asmaa Ibnouzahir and Geneviève Lepage, two concerned, free-thinking, well-educated young Quebecers, happen to be veiled women. Geneviève converted to Islam in 2001, after the events of September 11. A Muslim by birth, Asmaa decided to follow her religion “as it was written” in 2004, after she experienced many of the troubles common to the children of immigrants. Although they are very much of their generation, their religious convictions situate the two women in another world. This documentary explores a little-known reality: that of veiled women struggling to reconcile their faith with modern life.

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MY MUSLIM SISTERS a film by Francine Pelletier

    68 min, documentaire, 2009

    Asmaa Ibnouzahir et Geneviève Lepage, deux jeunes Québécoises engagées, indépendantes d’esprit et éduquées, sont également des femmes voilées. Geneviève s’est convertie à l’islam en 2001, à la suite des événements du 11 septembre. Musulmane d’origine, Asmaa a décidé ...