ISLAND & FLIGHT a film by Dan Popa

ISLAND & FLIGHT a film by Dan Popa

23 minutes
Original languages : French/English
Québec, Canada 2014
Production : Dan Popa

Island & Flight looks at the world of aviation to capture the emotional feeling of being suspended 35 000 ft in the air, between a distant past and an uncertain future. Narratively, the film is a collage of testimonials’ discussing transit. The movie is a visual and collage of intimate moments filmed in and out of 16 airports around the world. Seated by a window seat, the viewer is taken on a emotive journey onboard this giant island in flight. The film is the last part of a trilogy about the contemporary human transition.

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ISLAND & FLIGHT a film by Dan Popa
  • ISLAND & FLIGHT by Dan Popa

    Short Documentary, 24 min, Québec, Canada, 2014

    Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire RIDM (Montréal 2014) - OFFICIAL COMPETITION
    DOXA (Vancouver 2015) - BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY
    Rendez-vous du cinéma Québécois (Montréal 2015)
    Niagara Integrated Film Festival (Canada 2015)
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