EL HUASO a film by Carlo Guillermo Proto

EL HUASO a film by Carlo Guillermo Proto

78 minutes
Original language : English/French/Spanish
Québec, Canada 2012
Production : Carlo Guillermo Proto (Handshake Productions)

Gustavo Proto, a Chilean living in Canada, lost his father at the age of 16 when he took his own life. Afterward, he decided that he would also opt for suicide if he contracted a fatal disease. Now 58 and stricken with Alzheimer’s, he’s determined to follow through on his decision, but finds his will to live returning when he goes back to Chile to fulfill his longtime dream of becoming a huaso (Chilean cowboy). His family is tormented at the thought of him dying. Carlo Guillermo Proto, Gustavo’s son, films his father’s uncommon journey and the family conflicts that arise from respecting his choice. El Huaso is a meditative film that tackles the complex ideas of individual freedom and familial duty.

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EL HUASO a film by Carlo Guillermo Proto
  • El huaso by Carlo Guillermo Proto [HD]

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    78 min, Documentary, Canada, 2012
    Director(s) : Guillermo Proto, Carlo
    Producer : Carlo Guillermo Proto, Sergeo Kirby, Arianne Shaffer (THE HANDSHAKE PRODUCTIONS INC)
    Language : O.V. English & Spanish, with English Subtittles